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Prizm Electronics Policies




Windows Install:


All Window's program installations must have a Product Key for install.  The Windows Product Key was given to you written on a sticker or certificate.  We will not install a Windows product without this product key.  If you do not have this product key, or you have lost the key, you must purchase a new one from Microsoft.



Windows Product Key


Prizm Electronics is not responsible for lost Product Keys.



Reconditioned Items


All reconditioned items are sold as is, without a warranty.  There are absolutely no refunds.




At our discretion, Prizm Electronics reserves the right to limit warranties on all products serviced.  No refunds on estimates.


Insufficient Funds


There will be a $35.00 charge for any checks returned "NSF."


After PC Repairs are Complete


Upon completion of a computer repair, we will not assume any responsibility for any problems that arise from any software, hardware, or peripherals, installed by customer.  Upon request, Prizm will install the above mentioned items for a fee.


Your Information


Prizm Electronics is not responsible for for any or all information on a PC brought in for service.  Any software or information on a PC should be backed up before the unit is brought in.  Software reinstallation on to a PC requires the customer's original CD.  Backing a system up is available through Prizm, for a fee.


Special Order Items


All special  order items must be prepaid.  Replacements only on defective parts sold (as determined by Prizm).    No cash refunds.  All renewed items are sold without warranty.  All prices are quoted plus tax.


Items Left 30 Days After Repair Completion


Units that are left after 30 days of being complete will be sold, or storage charges will be added.  If customer wants the unit after the 30 days, he/she must contact Prizm to setup a time and date when the unit will be picked up.  If customer does not contact us, or we cannot contact you, the item will be sold at the cost of the repair.